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Family friendly by the beach in Palmanova

A beautiful white building, located first line from the sea in Palmanova, is the home of Tina and Janne Lovesan and their three children; Neo, Nova and Namo.

The Palmanova marina is just steps away from their house.

The Palmanova marina is just steps away from their house.

Living close to a play ground is perfect when you have three children!

Living close to a playground is perfect when you have three children!

The apartment is open and light with several charming and inviting corners to play, have a nap or read. And with access to the terrace from three different rooms, it is a central and vital part of the apartment.

-We call the furnishing “practical feng shui”, Tina says laughing.

A cosy corner with a sea view for reading stories.

A cosy corner with sea view for story reading.

Large terrace with sea views

The large terrace is one of the favourite spaces. Thanks to the warm climate the family can use it almost all year.

Cosy corners everywhere!

Cosy corners everywhere!

-We are looking forward to the summer and spend more time out here. It is so nice when the temperature allows you to be outside day and night and just keep the doors open, Tina says.

A healthy lifestyle is easy in Mallorca

In the middle of the living room there are two large tables with a lot of fruit, vegetables and ingredients for healthy smoothies and raw food.

-We use our mixer so much! We make nice smoothies, juices or different kinds of tapenade every day, Tina says.

. Fruits and vegetables have a central role in their lives and their home!

Eating healthy is very important for the whole family. Fruits and vegetables have a central role in their lives and their home!

Lunch time!

Time for lunch.

After lunch time it's play time!

A big fold out sofa is perfect for some after lunch playing.

A clean and healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, body and soul, is important to the whole family.

-Mallorca is really a ideal place for those who are interested in health and well-being. There are so many possibilities when it comes to activities, food, exercise and Nature, Janne says.

And Tina and Janne really make the most out of the possibilities that the island has to offer.

When Tina left her football career behind, she became a certified yoga instructor and a breath walk instructor, and together with Janne, they run their own company – Mallorca Healthyfriends. Tina specialises in individualised Kundalini Yoga and Breath walk and Janne, who also has a background in football, is working as a personal trainer.

Tina is a certified yoga and a breath walk instructor.

Tina is a certified yoga and a breath walk instructor.


With three children it’s good to have a book to read from close by.

Moving abroad with children

Since October last year, the family has their base in Mallorca. But it was far from certain that they would leave Sweden.

– I have always said that I like the seasons and would not want to be without the Swedish winter. But suddenly it was like something just happened within me and the opportunity to live abroad just opened up to me, Tina says.

She got tired of the short winter days and the lack of daylight, needing to deal with thick outdoor clothes, beanies and mittens. Also, their business would benefit from a warmer climate in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

Sea view from the apartment.

Green trees, a blue sea and sandy beaches. The atmosphere in Palmanova is calm yet just enough lively all year round.

Apartment for long term renting

After trying out a long term rental apartment in Mallorca for five months during 2015, they went back to Sweden and sold everything – the townhouse in Gustavsberg, their car and furniture. A decision they never regretted.

-Many have supported us in our decision to move abroad. And it really feels amazing to be able to give the children the gift of another language and the meeting with other cultures.

And thanks to their flexible working hours, the children do not go to daycare but instead spend their time together as a family.

– It’s great to have so much quality time together, says Tina, and Janne agrees.

Family friendly in Palmanova

The reason that they decided to live in Palmanova was that it is so family friendly.

– It’s so easy to vary the activities and things to do. We go the beach, the playground or drive a scooter along the promenade. It’s an all year-round community, meaning there are always things to do, even if it is very quiet winter time.


The playground by the beach is a favourite for the whole family.

The couple have also started World Soccerfriend’s, an activity group for children and youths.

Although the participants are of different nationalities and ages, the kids communicate easily. The focus lies on soccer, but without the competition. There is no “us against them”, just friendship where everyone is welcome.

-We want to teach children to listen to themselves and each other. It should be relaxing and fun without competition. We put as much focus on physical as on mental health, Janne says.

Mallorca is a really great start up for a business, which Tina and Janne hopes will become worldwide.

– There are people from all over the world living here and many of them are very open and open-minded. Life in general is not as traditional in the same way, people live the life they want to live.

The first line location gives a wonderful view of the small port and the sea.

The first line location gives a wonderful view of the small port and the sea.


The family is outdoors playing in the sun almost everyday.

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Text: Maria Strömqvist

Photo: Ida Carlsson

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    Hi Christine! We only do rentals of a minimum of 6 months. If you are interested in that, please send let us know where and what you are looking for and we will help you out!

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