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You have probably fallen in love with this beautiful Mediterranean island, like many others, and would like to live in a warm and sunny place where you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle year around. Or maybe you just feel that it is time for a life change?

Whatever the reason - the old saying that ”Mallorca has something for everyone“ is very much true - and we have a great opportunity for you to make this possible.

Mallorca’s natural beauty, international community and easy accessibility makes it the obvious choice for relocating - enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle in a pleasant climate.

With over 15 years of experience and know how in Mallorca real estate, we are now opening up for franchise partners to join our successful expansion. We offer the possibility to establish your own business in one of the most attractive and lucrative locations we still have available in Mallorca to choose from, where you will have your own exclusive territorial rights.

Ready for a life change?

Mallorca Real Estate franchise partner

We offer a unique opportunity for highly motivated and professional individuals to join us as franchise partners. You will have your own exclusive territory, making it possible to start your own business right away, and be profitable with a faster ROI.

As a franchisee you will receive a complete business package. We will also provide you with support in marketing, technology, training, business advice – plus total hands-on support during start-up and beyond. We are a well established company with over 15 years of experience in Mallorca.

Mallorca Real Estate franchise partner


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“Being a franchise partner is owning your own business but without the hassle of establishing it from zero.Your business will be up and running fast and cost efficient, and with the stability of an already established brand and company. Our franchise partners will also get a great team within the company structure, and support.”

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Carin Isgård, CEO & Founder

Real estate partner: all you need to know about owning a franchise

  • As a Buy a Home Mallorca franchise partner your will be able to start your new life and your new business quickly.  You will have your own real estate office, through our franchise business model, giving you the rights to a specific area and with that, unlimited sales opportunities. It is all about becoming successful with a system.

    The franchise model enables you to establish your business more quickly and with a better chance of success, supported by our expertise and assistance, which also means a better possibility for you to compete more effectively.

  • We will go through the applications and choose our partners selectively. There are a number of factors that will influence our decision-making process and we especially value:

    • Business competence
    • Leadership skills
    • Financial knowledge
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Success history
  • No, we do not require specific real estate experience. We are instead looking for highly professional individuals who ”live and breathe” the world of real estate and are looking for a unique business opportunity. We believe that to be successful you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset, management experience and great people skills as well as being an enthusiastic networker. You are probably someone who wants to make a difference and has a strong drive and a will to perform and achieve greatness.

  • You will benefit from being part of an established brand with proven success, created in Mallorca in 2008. We have an excellent reputation and great testimonials from our clients. It is an international brand with a strong image and corporate design, as well as based on a Scandinavian set of business standards and modern management. You will also be part of a franchisee network with experience exchange meetings of other licence partners, and be able to influence development and bounce ideas.

  • You will benefit from being a part of a well known brand, established in Mallorca already in 2008. Having been operating on the island over 15 years we have in-depth knowledge and invaluable experience, which provides you with the tools to be up-and-running very quickly, creating the possibility of a good turnover already the first year. Through a cross-selling system you will also be able to receive clients from our other franchisees on the island, as well as being able to show properties in our other areas through a system within the franchise organisation. We will also provide you with a network of established cooperation partners in the real estate industry, making it easy for you to achieve a good turnover and revenue quicker.

  • We have divided the training in different sections:

    1. Basic section, with the goal to achieve an over-all understanding of the business and giving you the elementary foundation for working in real estate. We will give you an insight of the Mallorca property market, how it works, and an overview over the different areas and type of properties. We will also go through our very powerful crm-system, and the role of marketing and IT. In this basic section we will as well look at the legal obligations and documents such as owner support, estate agent law, land register and purchase contract and much more.
    2. Listing specific section, with the goal to help you understand the listing process and be able to acquire attractive and sellable properties in your specific area. We will look at the listings related documents, owner support, land registry etc. Here we will also go through photography- and video-skills, how to write a good text description and make the listing advertisement stand out!
    3. Sales specific section, with the goal to help you achieve the best result possible. Here we will primarily go through how to work with clients, viewings, negotiations, as well as look at all the related documents and contracts.
    4. Customised training, is possible to have as an extra feature on a regular basis, when you feel that you need to improve a skill or have a specialised training.
  • The investment capital you need will vary with the level of ambition that you have for your real estate business, especially the office and the team size. We require an office premise on street with a great location in the licence area, and a minimum of two persons team. We will help you to calculate the initial investment costs, the start-up costs and all operational costs for the first couple of years.

    The main costs are the following:

    • Initial Franchising Fee
    • Agency shop set-up. This will depend on the exact location and the size and characteristics of the shop
    • Start-up Capital (equity for liquidity of running the business, especially before break-even/profit point)
  • This is a one-time fee for the rights to use the Buy a Home Mallorca trademark and corporate image design and the exclusive rights to the specific license area. It also includes supporting the franchisee with setting up the company and decisions about office location and budget calculations, as well as local launch marketing and an office opening party.

  • There is a small monthly fee, which is partly returnable, that will be charged for listing publications, central marketing and IT.

    You should also calculate the cost of running the business such as: salaries, office rent and other office-related costs, insurance and other operational costs.

  • We will provide you with all the tools you need to successfully run the daily business so that you can focus on what you love - clients, real estate & sales!

    The royalty fee is based on your net turnover and includes services such as: 

    • Knowledge training
    • System Handbook
    • Business documents
    • State-of-the art CRM system
    • International user-friendly Website
    • Market Knowledge & experience
    • Continuous hands-on support
  • The expected turnover will depend mostly on your business plan and level of ambition (for example team size), skills / experience, as well as naturally also the current market situation. In a personal meeting we can look more at the details for your specific set-up and situation.

  • The break-even point should be possible in around two years, but our goal for you is to break-even already the first business year.

  • The term of our franchise agreement is 10 years.

  • As our name indicates, at Buy a Home we specialise in residential real estate homes. These are mainly second residences for holiday use but also primary residences. Therefore we do not work with commercial real estate.

  • In Mallorca our sister brand Rent a Home Mallorca has the rights to the rentals, which means that you will have an established, well known and well respected partner right away. It also means that you cannot yourself make rentals within the franchise business.

  • We still have a few lucrative and interesting locations available in Mallorca. Each one is an exclusive and protected geographical area for the franchisee to develop. The locations we offer have been selected based on actual market value figures, such as property purchase prices and number of transactions. After deep analysis of the market we have allocated a limited number of attractive locations available for franchise, for which we guarantee a territorial protection for the duration of your licence agreement.

  • We will support you in finding the right office premises, and will help you to negotiate the conditions of the contract.  When we have signed the Franchise agreement, you have up to six months to open the office. During this time, we will also require you to take part in the first basic knowledge training section to achieve an over-all understanding of the business. We would also like to see a business plan with estimated turnover budget ready within this time frame.

  • Yes, you can if the desired location fits with our requirements and the strategy for the brand and franchise expansion.

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