Selling a property in Mallorca

Selling a property in Mallorca

One of the most important things when it comes to a successful sale of a property, is to reach out to potential buyers. Some of our biggest strengths is our wide network, our many contacts, and our solid knowledge in marketing and communication. We know where our clients are, and we know how to find them. 

In addition to newspapers and traditional media, we spend a lot of time to accurately reach our target market through online advertising and social media. Many of our customers find us through search engines, because we make sure we are visible where it’s needed. We also publish our properties both locally and on international property websites.

Why sell exclusively with Buy a Home Mallorca

If you choose to sell exclusively with us, we will be the only estate agency responsible for the sale of your property, which means we will take care of everything. We can of course cooperate with other local real estate agencies on the island, but you can rest assured that we will take care of all the contacts and retain overall responsibility.

With an exclusive contract we will also make sure that your property will get the best exposure.

This is how the selling process works:

Meeting and price discussion

At a first meeting, we will visit your property to take photos for documentation and to be able to determine the market price. Based on factors like demand, location, view, terrace, possible renovation needs and amenities, like garage and lift, etc., we will agree on a starting price. This is done free of charge. 
You will also get a list of the documents we need to start the selling process.

Agency agreement

After our first meeting we will write an agency agreement, where we specify the agreed asking price, commission, etc. In this agreement we will also specify whether your property should be sold exclusively by us.

Marketing approach

After agreeing on which kind of contract suits you best, we will plan how to market your property.

Property presentation

With tasteful, high quality images and a professional description, we will create a presentation of your property. It will be created in four different languages to reach all our clients. If you wish, we will send an offline link for you to approve, before we publish the property online.


All our viewings are private, which is highly appreciated by our clients. We will keep you updated, and give you feedback regarding the results of the viewings and what the prospective buyers think. Showing your apartment will be easier if we get a key, in that way you don’t have to be a part of the logistics.


When you and a buyer have agreed on a price, and the date when the property will be available and agreements regarding furniture and inventories has been specified, the next step is normally to write an agreement where the buyer pays a deposit or a reservation fee.


Before the buyer gets access to the property, you and your lawyer need to prepare the necessary documents to sign the contract before the public notary. You need to contact your bank and inform them that you are selling your apartment, so they can be present to write off the mortgage when the property is registered to the new owner. At this time you need to have moved out of the apartment completely, cleaned it and bring all the keys to give to the new owner.
We will be with you at every step of the way, to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

5 valuable tips

Before the photo shoot and viewings

  1. Keep it clean

    Make sure everything is nice and fresh, with the beds made, windows cleaned and no dirty dishes is the sink. Make a little extra effort in the entrance, since the first impression is always the most important one.

  2. Create a welcoming home

    Put aside old, sad plants and put new and nice ones out or maybe put some fresh flowers in a decorative vase. Why not let some fresh herbs create a nice atmosphere in the kitchen. Nothing says welcome home like adding that little extra touch of love.

  3. Depersonalize your personals

    To make a potential buyer feel that your home could be his or her home, make sure you leave room for imagining just that. Put away family photos and the kids drawings, just for now, and make the home seem a little less personal. The same thing goes with decorations, it is easier for a someone to picture their home to be, if there is fewer things in the way.

  4. Sweep away the signs

    Most people love animals, but since not everyone love them in their home, it's best to keep your four legged friends incognito before a photoshoot or a viewing. Remove beds, bowls and toys and make sure there is no trace of dog or cat hair.

  5. Let there be light

    One of the most important things when it comes to making a home feel welcoming and inviting, is the light. Open up the shutters, pull curtains and drapes aside and turn on the lights in rooms and spaces where there is less daylight, such as entrance and kitchen. Even if there is somewhat light, it will look even better in pictures.

Selling a property in Mallorca
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