There was nothing we couldn’t ask

We had a pretty clear picture of what kind of property we were looking for, when we searched online for estate agencies in Mallorca, and came in contact with Buy a Home and Anne-Sophie.

As a first-time buyer of an apartment abroad, you have a lot of questions, and we received such great support, and all questions were answered in a nice and professional way. We could ask about anything and everything during the process, and also got great recommendations and contacts with our lawyer and the bank.
We are also very pleased with our lawyer whom, together with Buy a Home, made the purchase so smooth and easy.

Malin & Mathias Ranhage

Worlds best estate agent!

We appreciate all the help we have gotten. Just like they said they would, they have been with us during the entire process and helped us in every way. If we hear anyone who is looking to buy an apartment in Mallorca, we will be happy to recommend  Buy a Home (the best real estate agency), with your concept of offering both lawyer and bank contacts.
You have all been so helpful and welcoming!

Micke and Marie

A reliable realtor that we trusted to 100%

We contacted several real estate agents in Mallorca, but only one gave us a quick and professional response – Buy a Home Mallorca. It was of course also of great value that they where Scandinavian.
It took two months from the first viewing until we got the key in hand!
They where with us throughout the entire process, until we got our dream home. They also recommended a good, Norwegian lawyer who arranged with contracts and money transfers.
Since we don’t speak Spanish nor are familiar with the Spanish culture, it was crucial for us to have a reliable broker in whom we trusted to 100%.
Many thanks to Buy a Home Mallorca!

Ann Christin and Hallstein Rød

They never gave up

I was looking online for properties for sale in areas we were interested in and found Buy A Home. We looked at a great number of properties for several years and continuously were given new proposals from Anne Sophie Lutström. We had very specific requirements on what we were looking for and are really pleased over the fact that Anne Sophie never gave up! We also got good information on how the actual purchase would be carried out and were recommended good legal help.

Meta Trulsson

The apartment met all of my criteria!

After visiting a friend in Cala Mayor in the spring of 2016, I decided to investigate the possibilities of buying a small apartment in the same area. I found Buy a Home Mallorca through Google, and they had an apartment which met all the criteria I set up: pool, own parking space and terrace. The fact that it was located close to my friends' apartment was a big bonus!

Since I have very limited experience in buying a property abroad, I am extremely happy and grateful for Anne Sophie's patience with all my questions! I also appreciate how positive and solution-oriented Anne Sophie has been whenever any doubts or obstacles appeared. If she did not know the answer to my question right away, I felt safe knowing that the answer would come soon.
It was the flexibility that Anne Sophie could show the apartment to my friends when I was not able to attend, that made this happen!

Mattias Mellström

Professionally managed from start to finish

When we started looking for an apartment, we were searching the internet and found Buy a Home Mallorca's website. We made an appointment to get a clearer picture of the buying process. It has been very good and professional from start to finish. They never gave up the search for the perfect property but continued to patiently look for new apartments.

Johan Norgren

Always positive and very professional

We came in contact with Buy a Home Mallorca and Anne-Sophie through a friend on the island and got to see lots of different apartments in different areas. Anne-Sophie was very, very helpful throughout the entire process with everything from bank contacts, attorneys, contact with the Government and even helping us find a good building Company. She is always positive and very professional. I can really recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell.

Tommy Johansson and Lenny Grahn


I came in contact with Buy A Home through friends' recommendations, and everything has been great! A personal involvement, fast feedback, good contacts and good recommendations when it came to the bank, lawyer, architect, etc.

Katarina Lönnroth Wieslander

Professional and friendly

At dinner with good friends I met a couple who had just bought the apartment through "Buy a Home Mallorca" and they warmly recommended Carin Isgård. I called the next day and we decided to meet and go through what kind of apartment, my husband and I were looking for. We are very satisfied. Carin is both professional and personal. We are especially pleased that Carin arranged the entire purchase quickly and efficiently. During a weekend Carin had time to show me a number of properties as well as deciding the arrangements for a Swedish-speaking lawyer for the actual purchase and a Swedish speaking contact in a Spanish bank. I went home and we signed the contract from Sweden. After our purchase Carin has always been quick to for example help us with carpenters and for storing and handling out keys.

Maria Norén

Arranged swedish speaking contacts

We were in contact with Buy a Home Mallorca for the purchase for an apartment. They organized viewings of several different properties. Very good service, nice and easy to get in touch with. We are particularly pleased that they managed Swedish speaking contacts for the apartment purchase. We believe that Carin met all our expectations . We are really pleased.

Suzanne Sternbeck

Help with everything you may need

We are very pleased to have bought the apartment through Buy a Home Mallorca. We got help with the right contacts at the bank, lawyer, craftsmen and anything else that you might need as newly arrived swedes on Mallorca.

Pia and Kaj Svensson

It has been a honest sale

We have been in contact regarding the purchase of the apartment. The understanding has been good. We got a nice picture of the surroundings. It did not feel like they tried to sell us ”just anything”. It has been an honest sale, which we really appreciate.

Gunnela Setterwall

Contact has been great

I had been looking for properties in both Barcelona and Majorca since a long time. Less active. When it then jumped to the next level I was then looking for a reliable real estate agent in Palma. Through recommendations I then got in touch with Buy a Home Mallorca. The contact has been great! I am particularly pleased with the reliability and network of lawyers and other necessary things in order to make a safe purchase as a foreigner on the island.

Marcus Kollberg

In a safe and exemplary manner

We have been Mallorca lover for many years. We think this island, with its climate and wonderful diversity is "best in the world".

After a large number of holidays in hotels, the idea of having our own apartment in Mallorca, definitely crossed our mind. Suddenly it happens ..... - We through sovereign references get contact with "Buy a Home Mallorca" and talk about our plans. Two days later, we found our dream in amazing Puerto Portals and strikes. Anne-Sophie helps us then with all administration and paperwork in a safe and exemplary manner. We literally "team up” and go to the lawyers office, the bank and government agencies where we get outstanding help in getting the deal done and properly completed.

Now a year later, were we are the happy owners of our own home on the lovely Majorca, we would like to thank "Buy a Home Mallorca" for it. You're simply the best, we know that!

Gunnar & Helene Ström

Our dreams came true

We met a fairy on Mallorca, who did not only answer our questions about the wanted property immediately but also gave us practical ideas about the buying. On the spot, in a very short time she helped with the administration and legal process. Carin is not only an excellent agent but also a friendly and kind person. We are very satisfied! Our dreams would not have come true without her.

Veneta, Béla, Lili Gárdos

Friendly, professional and high level service

I knew Carin Isgård from before, as she was a very successful real estate agent in Stockholm, and since I knew she had started her own real estate agency in Mallorca, it was the obvious choice to contact her.

After talking to Carin, we got in contact with Anne-Sophie, who is specialized in the areas we were interested in, Illetas, Bendinat and Puerto Portals. The contact with her has been brilliant and we have always received quick feedback and straight answers.

We are especially pleased with the high level of service and commitment we received from Anne Sophie.
At first, we bought an apartment in Illetas in 2016, which we sold later on, and have now, through Anne-Sophie and her contacts, bought a townhouse in Bendinat.
Anne-Sophie has helped us all the way, and we can really recommend her and the rest of the team at Buy a Home Mallorca. Friendly, professional, and high personal service, is what really characterize this team.

Mikael Bergholm

Thanks for being a great realtor!

A great, big thanks for everything! We are so happy and pleased, this has turned out just as we wished. Everything from lawyer, bank and realtor has worked perfectly. Thank you for being such a good realtor!

Majken and Staffan

Understood exactly what we were looking for

Buy a Home Mallorca helped us find exactly what we were looking for! They did not give up the search, even though we almost did a few times. They understood our needs and requirements, and made sure to meet them in every way.
We are so pleased!
We really recommend Buy a Home Mallorca.

Sara och Oscar Johansson

Someone who really knows Mallorca!

When we started to look for an apartment in Mallorca, we realized pretty quickly that we wanted to have a local contact who really knows Mallorca and Palma. We found Buy a Home on the internet and got in touch with Anne Sophie regarding a specific object. Anne Sophie was great throughout the process. She was always available and her responses were quick but she also asked us the right questions to make sure she found the best objects for our needs. Buy a Home and Anne Sophie were great, from the first contact to signing the contracts. High quality, good contact and support and good own recommendations, which meant that we felt a great sense of security throughout the buying process.

Johan Lindholm

I got more than a real estate agent

I got in contact with Buy a Home Mallorca through recommendations I read on the internet when I was looking for a real estate agent in Palma. The contact with Anne Sophie and her colleagues have been quick and simple, as a customer you never have to wait for answers.
There are a lot of questions and concerns when buying a property abroad and through Buy a Home Mallorca, not only did I get a real estate agent, but also someone who helped me with all of the questions and concerns regarding the purchase.

Anna Eklöf

Helped us with more than just the apartment

Prior to the purchase of our apartment in Cala Mayor, we saw an advert for Buy a Home Mallorca online, thanks to a recommendation from close friends. We got very good contact and help. Not only with the apartment itself, but also with other issues such as ordering sun blinds etc. The fact that Buy a Home works in a network with the notary and the bank felt very secure. We are very happy with Anne-Sophie as a real estate agent. Our impression of her is very professional and competent.

Peo and Marianne Nilsson

Good service and good support

When we were to buy an apartment in Mallorca, we did not really know which area would suit us best, and what type of object we were looking for. We were recommended to work with Buy a Home and they helped us to find different properties and arrange the viewings of the most relevant ones.
A positive experience with good service, good support and patience in a process that can sometimes take longer than you expect.

Johan Michelson

My preferred real estate agent

I met Carin Isgard and her team at Buy a Home Mallorca whilst I was searching for a property in the Es Molinar/ Portixol area. My introduction was via a friend who introduced me to a property that was listed with Carin. During the process of buying and completing the property, Carin has been a welcome source of Spanish real estate information. All of the Buy a Home Mallorca team are multilingual which is very useful for new residents to the island, such as myself. Carin lives and has one of her offices in the Es Molinar area and her local knowledge has been invaluable. If I were to consider selling or buying another property in Mallorca in the future, Buy a Home Mallorca would be my preferred real estate agent.

Allan Downie

It feels good to have personal contact

We got in touch with Carin from Buy a Home Mallorca in 2011 when we searched for an apartment in Mallorca. We met several real estate agents and looked at many apartments. We looked in Palma but also outside. Carin recommended that we stay in or close to Palma. We fell in love with an apartment in Palma, which we bought. We have not regretted it at all. We very much enjoy it. We have now decided to buy a bigger apartment so we will sell our current property through Carin in Buy a Home Mallorca. During our years in Palma, we have always been able to call Carin or her colleagues when needed. We switched ideas back and forth about different things. For example real estates issues among other questions about the life in Mallorca. It feels good to have a personal relationship when we are in our holiday home in Mallorca.

Jan Önnesjö

Everything worked very well

We found Buy a Home Mallorca on the internet along with several other real estate agencies. But since Carin was quick to respond and present proposals, the choice fell on her. We had frequent contact for a year and looked at many properties. She has great patience. When we finally decided, everything and everyone involved worked very well.

Catharina Grundström

We have both bought and sold

Almost 10 years ago when we started coming to Mallorca, we got in touch with Carin Isgård. Through the years, we have both purchased and sold our property through Buy a Home Mallorca and it has always worked flawlessly without any problems. They have a high level of service and always tries to ensure the client's best. We wish them all the luck in the future.

Michael Howing

Good support throughout the legal process

I got professional help through the entire process when choosing property in Mallorca. Right location, right property and great support throughout the legal process in regards to the purchase. Thank you also for good company!

Michael Tiemann

Always happy, positive and amazingly helpful

Anne Sophie has helped us throughout the entire process, from finding interesting items that matched a tough set of requirements and spec, to patiently show properties, and then show again. Always happy, positive and incredibly helpful. When we finally found our apartment was Ann-Sophie priceless, she guided us through the entire buying process in the best way, which felt very safe. We highly recommend anyone considering buying accommodation in Mallorca to get in touch with Ann-Sophie because we know that she provides the best possible service, always with a smile.

Josefin Knarrström Bergh

We are very satisfied with the purchase

Carin and Ann-Sophie! We are very pleased with the purchase of our apartment in the Old Town of Palma! Felt very safe with you, being with us throughout the process - Many thanks!

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Bjorn and Carina Arkhult

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