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Off the beaten track, surrounded by nature, mountains and nothing but tranquility and a few sheep, interior designer Pamela and her husband Daniel Moell have created their private hideaway in Mallorca.

Pamela and Daniel had the vision to create a perfect property that would fit the magical place.

When you enter the property you are just in awe – every corner has been beautifully designed and crafted, with great attention to detail, which makes the entire house a truly unique home. It is hard to believe that this fantastic project has been created by pure coincidence.

A lovely combination of rustic art and interior design. 
The attention to detail is one of the highlights. 

Every corner has unique and meaningful decorative items. 

Pamela Moell, the founder of Stiltje, is a woman who always goes by her intuition and if the feeling is right she makes things happen very quickly. And that is also mainly the reason how and why this wonderful home was created. 

The beautiful home is a result of their sense of style. 

A few years ago Pamela was searching for nice destinations on Google, with the intention to buy a house abroad. Thinking first about places like Zanzibar or Bali, she ultimately stumbled across Mallorca, as her husband Daniel preferred to live on an island and closer to their home base in Sweden. 

None of them had ever been to Mallorca before so they quickly booked their first trip to the island back in 2017 and instantly fell in love. Convinced that Mallorca is the place where they want to be, the interior designer tried directly but unsuccessfully to purchase a house while visiting the island for the first time.

Not giving up on the dream of having her own home in Mallorca, the couple continued to try to find the perfect property, focusing first in the areas of Deia and Soller – but destiny had other plans. 

– “We just had another viewing at a house in the north of the island and after that ended up in Manacor. The children were already tired, and it was a hot day, so we were just aiming for a place with air-condition.” – Pamela 

Intuition played an important role in making the correct decisions.

While looking for a place to cool off they passed the office of a local broker and because they also liked the outskirts of Manacor, they decided to give it a chance. Although communication was a little bit difficult due to the language barrier they managed to arrange a few viewings in the area. 

– “We actually thought we would view a house, but in the end it was just the plot, but as we could not find the property we were looking for, it seemed like a plan that could work.” Pamela 

That was the starting point of building “Casa Stiltje” in the outskirts of Manacor. 

– “Building a house in Mallorca during Covid times and mostly via What’s App was a very interesting process” Pamela & Daniel 

The house is surrounded by nature and has amazing views from the pool.

Initially, both had a different vision for the house. The idea was to build a modern house, more James Bond style but when Pamela and Daniel entered the plot again to sign the contract they agreed that having this kind of house here did not feel right. 

– “The plot itself could have a modern house, but the atmosphere here could simply not have it. That is exactly how we work at Stiltje as well, we go with our gut feeling.” Pamela & Daniel 

Being married for 30 years and now also working together within their own company Pamela and Daniel make a good team that complements each other perfectly in all areas of life. 

– “I would say that I am the race-driver and he is my map reader, we are opposites but still complement each other very well.” – Pamela 

They have been working together for many years, being an excellent team.

The new vision of the house was quickly created, it should be a home that is part of the surrounding, a house that should blend in and not stand out. 

– “I could have done a modern house here, I work with many different styles but for this location we desired a more authentic and rustic style. ” Pamela 

After finally receiving the building license and a recommendation from their local broker for an architect and a building company the rustic hideaway slowly started to take shape.

– “We could actually write a book about how to build a house via What’s app.” Daniel

Having a strong vision in their heads they were able to communicate it with the builders as well as the architect, creating samples the builders could follow so they made sure that it turned out exactly the way how they envisioned. 

– “We were really lucky with our architect and our builders, we established a great relationship with them – you do not always need the most exclusive companies to make your vision work.” – Pamela 

And this good relationship is also quite evident throughout the entire house. Every corner is beautifully designed and crafted and you can just feel the love and dedication everyone has put in. 

Even though the majority of the communication have taken place via What’s App, for the most important steps Pamela and Daniel have been there in person – like for the entire tiling of the house. Having their company Stiltje producing their own tiles – this was one of the most important parts for them.

– “Tiles can do so much for a house, it gives the house character and create a homely feeling.” Pamela 

Choosing the tiles is a big decision and contributes to the atmosphere of the house. 

Just as it was a coincidence to find and build the house in Mallorca, it was with the founding of her own company 23 years ago. 

Being actually a studied Molecular Biologist, life has had other plans for Pamela. After not being able to work in this field and switching careers to be a teacher, she one day decided that it is time to switch her life up and to move homes. By coincidence she discovered Österlen, a lovely area in Sweden, and she fell in love like she did with Mallorca.

Quickly the family bought a house there and that was when Pamela’s life took a turn. 

– “We had nothing when we moved there, no jobs, no money and the house we bought was impossible to live in.” Pamela 

As they had to renovate the whole house, and were short on money, Pamela  imported a container from India with different tiles and stones. The amount of material they did not need for their own house, she quickly could sell to other people – a promising business idea and the birth of Stiltje

Nowadays Stiltje has stores in Österlen and in Stockholm as well as an online store in the EU. 

– “Everything we have in Stiltje is something I want and like myself,” Pamela 

And the best part is that they want to bring the magic of Stiltje now also to Mallorca. Still unsure about where their showroom will be located, Pamela’s idea is to help others to create their own dream home as she has created her own paradise on the island.

– “I love the nature and we also do a lot of hiking. Here in Mallorca you have everything you need in a small area, it is simply perfect.” Pamela & Daniel 

Being happily married for 30 years, Pamela and Daniel feel like home in north-eastern Mallorca.

If you need help in creating your dream home in Mallorca you can contact Pamela here: info@stiltje.se

Find out more about the beautiful tiles Stiltje has to offer: https://www.stiltje.se/

To see more updates about the house follow Pamela on instagram: @Pamela_Moel


Text: Ines Stangl

Pictures: Madeline Stöckle

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