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Ulrika Davidsson is a well known certified dietician, writer and entrepreneur. After deciding she wanted to improve her own health and habits at an early age, her life took an amazing turn. That is also when her inspirational professional journey started taking place.

Ulrika and Lily enjoying the lovely garden

After visiting Mallorca with her parents for the first time when she was only 3 years old, Ulrika has been dreaming of living on the island.

– “Portixol, Molinar was my dream. I’ve been looking for options and I saw this house in 2021”.

Ulrika used to live in the vivid neighbourhood of Santa Catalina when she first moved to Palma de Mallorca. Years later, she started looking for a spacious house to renovate and create her own personalised kitchen – considering that what she enjoys the most is creating new recipes professionally.

The customised kitchen where magic happens

Nowadays, she enjoys both the indoors and outdoors at her lovely home near the sea. She even organises home-made open dinners with fantastic thematics for the food lovers. Her design of recipes reaches 700 recipes per year!

Every detail matches her vibrant personality
Her best seller book “66 Day Challenge”
The charming terrace, perfect for Mallorca’s unique weather

From the keto diet, through vegetarian to high protein diets, she investigated a high number of dietary options. She even studied the specific nutricional needs of people depending on their blood type. 

With a deep understanding of the struggle when trying to change habits, she took her personal experience as a starting point to find her passion: cooking and helping people. She tried several methods until she found the secrets to succeed – and she shared them with us!

Mallorca is where she wrote the Mediterranean book of delicious recipes
She suggests “traveling around the world mentally” to innovate when cooking

Experiencing a growing interest in nutrition, Ulrika took a step further and started studying to become a dietician. She quit her job at that moment to follow her passion and develop her coaching skills. 

Originally from Sweden, she participated in Swedish TV shows, wrote several books, opened her own company and health stores, elaborated online courses, created a wide range of cooking recipes and improved thousands of people’s daily lives. Her best seller book “60 Day Challenge” is one of her highlights. It provides a practical and detailed guide to reach personal goals and break with any unwanted habit.

The contemporary staircase takes you to the bright bedrooms and roof terrace
You can feel the cosy atmosphere at every corner
A view of the garden from the roof terrace

The highly experienced dietician mentions the importance of listening to your body:

– “When you trust your guts, you always choose right. We don’t listen to our bodies because we are stressed”. 

She focuses on the importance of cooking healthy and natural, feeling like “meditation” for her. She insists on “thinking more natural”.

A big renovation made it possible to design a Mediterranean home to fall in love with
The harmonious details add that unique touch

Nowadays, the also social media influencer truly enjoys working on her passion: helping and coaching people. She is happy to let her creativity fly when creating recipes and writing fascinating books.

And if you want to discover all the secrets to health success, you can visit her social media:

ulrikadavidsson.se or on Instagram

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