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Living the Finca dream close to Santanyí

As soon as you enter Diana and Sandra’s finca close to Santanyí, you are captured by a certain inner peace. The house simply has a special atmosphere that immediately captivates you. 

Diana & Sandra are living the finca dream

Diana and Sandra have been sharing their lives for many years already, but neither of them really expected that Mallorca would become their place to be.

Back in the times they met in Diana’s Café in Germany and since then they have shared the joys and depths of life together and are connected above all by their common passion for travelling. Always with them is also Diana’s old dog Frieda, who makes the little family complete. 

Diana and her little dog Frieda who is always by her side

Especially Sandra, who previously worked as a nurse in Germany, has always been a travel enthusiast and loves to discover the world with all its beautiful corners. One of her travel habits was always to have a cup of coffee in Diana’s Café before and after every trip, and at some point she also inspired Diana with her passion for travel and adventures. 

“In Germany, you spend all your time waiting for summer to finally arrive. At some point I thought to myself, what am I actually doing here, I’m young and free and can go anywhere.”  – Diana

After countless trips and exploring of different countries and unique places, this adventure spirit finally led them to Mallorca, where they first helped out for a few weeks on an old finca and thus got to know and love the island properly.

And as life sometimes works, they finally settled down here on the island 2.5 years ago, also due to the Covid situation. During the lockdown period they already got to know their current home through a close friendship with the owner.

The finca is located close to Santanyí
Diana used to own her own café in Germany and is now enjoying her life in Mallorca

“During the lockdown here, we helped each other out. The owner cooked for us and we helped him with any work around the finca” – Diana 

They have been offered already a few times to move into the finca on a long-term basis. However, the two first hesitated: 

“It didn’t feel right at the time, we weren’t sure if it was really for us” – Diana & Sandra 

They used to live in another, smaller property on the island and what was Sandra’s little paradise at the time was at some point too small and narrow for Diana. Above all, she always missed a spacious kitchen to follow her passion again – baking cakes. Now she has enough space for it in their new home.

The kitchen is Dianas favourite place in the house

Because two months ago, it was finally the right time to say yes to this finca. And so the two of them moved in, determined to make this property a little oasis to feel home at.

For Diana in particular, the finca project came at just the right point in her life; due to her Wanderlust, she sometimes has her doubts as to whether Mallorca is really the right place for her. 

“We’ve always helped others to realise their projects, I think I’ve been missing a purpose here. Now it was about time for our own soul project.” – Diana 

However, it was also clear that it could only take place together with Sandra. The two of them are not only a great team when travelling, but also complement each other perfectly when it comes to the renovation of the property. Because Sandra is very interested and talented in handicrafts, and Diana is more responsible for the decoration and the fine details, the finca has become such a jewel in such a short time.

“I just knew we could do it, we are good at creating little oases with little money” – Diana 

Every corner of the house has been decorated with much love
and attention to detail

And slowly everything is falling into place, the interior and exterior spaces have been completely refurbished and redesigned by the two of them. The upper level of the house consists of the spacious kitchen where Diana is baking her cakes and leads to their fantastic terrace, the perfect spot to overlook the green fields surrounding the finca.

”We collected a lot of items from the flea markets and slowly but surely it’s becoming really cosy and beautiful here” – Sandra

There is so much to discover around the house
The lounge in the garden invites for relaxation
The house has become such a gem in a short time

When they moved in, everything looked different, but in the meantime they have decluttered the garden, got rid of old furniture, decorated and are starting to feel at home. On the ground floor of the house there are separate flats that have been tastefully furnished and decorated and a cosy lounge that invites for a coffee break in the shade. Every corner of the property is a real eye-catcher and you can feel how much love and effort the two have invested here.

”We are proud of what we have created together, there are still small spots here and there, but on the whole it is finished” – Sandra 

Diana is proud of the oasis they have created here

In the meantime, the two already have three chickens that roam around the property and they planted their own vegetables and herbs in their garden. There is enough space for their little dog Frieda to run around, and their pool in the garden is perfect for Majorcan hot summers months.

“At the moment we are here and living the finca dream for what we have always admired others for” – Diana 

Especially when friends from Germany come to visit who are always very enthusiastic about this dream home they have created, it makes them realise again how beautiful they have it here. 

“When I stand on the terrace in the morning with my coffee in my hand and the sun is rising over Santanyi, I am simply happy and grateful that I can experience this” – Sandra 

The kitchen is the centrepiece of the house

Whether Mallorca is really the final destination of the two travel enthusiasts is not yet certain. But above all, also their lovely group of friends they have found here, makes it more difficult to just move on. Sandra especially loves the diversity of the island: 

“Here you have everything, beaches and the mountains, lots of sun, it’s simply a little paradise” – Sandra

The proximity to Germany and her family is also a very important aspect in favour of Mallorca for Sandra. However, a return to Germany is out of the question for the time being; the two have given up everything there and see no reason to go back. Both simply enjoy the here and now, and live their finca dream on Mallorca.

“You just have to try things out and see how it feels, and after you can always make a different decision. The exciting thing about life is that you never know what will happen next. And for the moment, Mallorca and this finca is our place to be” – Diana & Sandra

Diana and Sandra trust in the process of life


Text: Ines Stangl

Pictures: Madeline Stöckle

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