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Bendinat – Perfect for golf and dog lovers

From the big terrace at Anki and Lasse Johansson’s apartment in Bendinat the view gives you spectacular mountains as well as views over the beautiful coast line. The turquoise water of Cala Major can be spotted just down the hill.

-It’s so beautiful at dawn when the city starts to light up, says Lasse. And look, isn’t it lovely when the jakaranda trees are in bloom? He points in the direction of the trees down the street, covered in purple flowers. This apartment in Bendinat has been the Mallorca home of Anki and Lasse since 2011.


The colourful home of Lasse and Anki in Bendinat.


Down the hill from Bendinat you can find the beautiful bay of Cala Major.


The community has a beautiful pool with marvellous views.

Everything started with a golf trip back in 2010, for Anki it was love at first sight.

-I felt immediately ”I want to live here”, but Lasse didn’t take me seriously since I say that about every beautiful place I visit, Anki says and laughs. Last time it was South Africa. But this time it was different, I could really feel that there was something special about Mallorca.

Six months in Spain

After discussing the matter, the couple went back to the island, just for a weekend. “For vacation and to have a look around”, Lasse thought. “Buy an apartment”, Anki was thinking. After a lot of viewings and open houses they found an apartment neither of them could resist. On the ground floor, in a completely newly built apartment building on one of Bendinat’s steep hills.

-It was the last one left out of 16 apartments that the realtor showed. All of them had already been sold!

It is a gorgeous apartment, 230 square meters with three bedrooms, a big covered terrace with access from almost every room.

The apartment was almost completely empty when they first stepped into the spacious living room, except from a small sofa in the middle of the room.

– I remember how I just sat down on the sofa and felt instinctively that this was my home.


In almost every corner there is an access to the surrounding terrace.


Lounge area with colourful details.


From an empty apartment to a home decorated with love.


A lot of the furniture was bought in Sweden and brought to Mallorca.

A quick deal

Two days after Anki and Lasse had seen the apartment they went back to Sweden as happy Mallorca home owners.

Today the living room has significantly more furniture and has been decorated with large sofas in light colours. In the hallway connecting the bedrooms there are two dog beds in leopard print and several details in the interior hinting about a home of dog owners/lovers!

There’s more than enough room for the labradors Nikki and Wilma to play.

– We knew from the beginning that we wanted a pretty big apartment since we were going to spend a lot of time here. It’s more than holiday home, it’s just a home, Anki says. I feel equally at home in Mallorca as I do in Sweden, she adds.

And Lasse who was not that fond of the idea of a home in Mallorca from the beginning, is happy that Anki was determined.

-We really found our place here. It feels so right in every way, he says.


“We really love our home. It has grown to be an even bigger love than we expected”


With two dogs, the Johansson residence is for sure a home!


Wilma and Nikki are enjoying their afternoon treat on the terrace.


In the guest rooms, the Mallorquin sun is only a few steps away from the bed.


The dogs have their own spot in the heart of the apartment.


Two terraces in different orientations give Anki and Lasse the possibility to eat breakfast in the sun all year around.


A perfect hideout for a siesta in the sun.

Traveling with dogs

Nikki and Wilma follow Anki into the kitchen. It’s an open-plan kitchen with marble floors and a large island. Anki gives her dogs some treats.

– The first time I came here after we bought the apartment, it was just me and the dogs. I couldn’t wait to get settled in.

Lasse was still working back then, so Anki and the dogs got a head start in Mallorca.


“The first thing we did was to tear down a wall to make the kitchen bigger”


A light kitchen with a Scandinavian touch.


With many famous wineries on the island a nice bottle of wine is never far away.


Nikki and Wilma would probably agree.


A little colour splash on the kitchen floor.

– I didn’t know anyone at all! It was just me, Nikki and Wilma.

But thanks to her lovely labradors, she met a lot of nice people. She found nice paths and places to walk in the green surroundings of Bendinat and she quickly got to know several friendly dog owners in the neighborhood. Today she has her own “dog crew” which she meets regularly for walks and play dates.

-It’s great to have a dog in Mallorca! Flying with dogs is no problem!

Anki says that both Wilma and Nikki happily step into their pet carriers every time, and just a three hour flight later, they arrive in their second home.

But they don’t travel very often. Anki and Lasse normally stay longer periods of time in Mallorca, instead of going back and forth frequently. In case they need to go to Sweden, they have great babysitters for their babies.

-I found a lovely dogwalker who’s always there for me if I need help during the days, Anki says.


The master bedroom upstairs has amazing views of the hills of Bendinat.


An outdoor living room for both coffee breaks and barbecues.


During the summer, having an outdoor dining room is perfect for late dinners.


And if you ask the dogs, also great for a nap after a nice Bendinat walk.

The best golf courses on the island

Being close to nature was important for Anki and Lasse considering the dog walks are a big part of their normal life, but at the same time they wanted something close to Palma.

-Bendinat is perfect for us! It’s so quiet with so many green areas and nature, yet you’re just a short drive away from Palma. That’s one of the things I like most about Mallorca, that everything is so convenient and available, Lasse says.

Also, the couple loves to play golf and all of their favourite courses are located nearby.

– Personally I think the best golf courses in Mallorca are Son Vida, Son Muntaner and Son Quint. And they are all just fifteen minutes away!

Anki and Lasse speak lovingly about Mallorca and how they appreciate the simplicity of living here. Compared to Sweden it’s a contrast, but that’s what makes it great, they say. To be able to have and enjoy both.

– Somehow it feels like we have gotten the best out of two worlds.  

Pool and view.

View from the pool area that is located below the apartment.


“Bendinat has everything we want and need”


It’s a luxury to be able to feel like home in two places.

Text: Maria Strömqvist

Photo: Ida Carlsson

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    Anki and Lasse’ apartment is the most beautiful apartment I have ever been in here in Mallorca. Tasteful and a proper home x

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    Thank you for your nice comment, Diane. Saludos!

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