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Life after retirement in Portals Nous

Behind the street door to the townhouse there is a small, lush garden. Geraniums in pink, red and white tiny pansies and deep green ivy encircling the small lot.

-I love flowers and to potter in the garden, Barbara Wiik says.


The beautiful little garden is the first thing you see when you step through the gate from the street.


Barbara moved in to her townhouse 14 years ago and she would not change it for anything.


Geraniums and pansies wherever you look.


Barbara’s grandchild Elsa spends a lot of time here in the cosy garden.

Bought a townhouse

Barbara bought her townhouse in Portals Nous 14 years ago and would not trade it for anything.

– I feel so incredibly good living here. Portals Nous has everything I need, and I have three different places where I can go swimming, all of them within walking distance. Both large beaches and small coves.

Barbara used to work as a dermatologist and had her own clinic in Mallorca, but now she has retired and can not imagine a better place to be than right here.


The garden also has a outdoor grill, surrounded with flowers.


-I love flowers and to potter in the garden, Barbara Wiik says.

A small oasis near the sea

Portals Nous has a very diverse population. In Barbara’s neighborhood there are Mallorquins, Irish, Italians and Swedes, among others.

– I have very nice neighbors, she says with a smile.

There are several townhouses along the street, but every house looks different from the other. From the nearby trees you can hear the birds singing and a slight whistling sound in the wind.

– It’s so incredibly quiet and peaceful here, and yet it is only 10 minutes from Palma by car.

Barbara’s grandchild Elsa, helps her grandmother to water the flowers. “Flower” and “look” she says as she points to the colorful geraniums. Elsa spends every afternoon with her ​​grandmother.


The international neighbours lives in townhouses like Barbara’s, in different shapes and colours.


To make the garden look beautiful is a big hobby. “Look!” and “Flower” says Elsa.


-I pick her up from day care every day, it’s so nice, Barbara says and puts her arm around Elsa.

Small house with a garden

The garden consists of a small lawn, a barbecue and lots of beautiful flowers and plants. On the terrace there is a mosaic table, chairs and a lamp with colorful prisms and pendants.

– I made it myself. Everything I find that I think is pretty, I hang in the lamp.


The garden furnitures was bought many years ago but fits perfectly in with Barbaras charming and beautiful garden.


Whenever Barbara finds a beautiful pendant she hangs it in the garden lamp.

It is not hard to see that it is a creative person who lives here. Beautiful pots, self-made sofa cushions, crocheted bedspreads and walls decorated with flowers. Barbara even has a room upstairs entirely dedicated to her hobbies. A whole room filled with fabrics, yarn, beads, paper and sequins in beautiful colors.

-I love to sew and create different things. I always have new ideas and projects I want to start with, she says and shows some of the bags she made.

-I like to buy pretty, embroidered motives on the flea market and then use them to sew bags.


Upstairs Barbara has her hobby room. Here you can find anything you need for handcraft projects.


-I like to buy pretty, embroidered motives on the flea market and then use them to sew bags.


Sewing threads, fabrics, buttons and yarns. Here is everything Barbara needs to make her handcraft ideas reality.


A chair and a footstool fully clothed in crochet squares.

Easy to move abroad and relocate

Altogether Barbara has lived in Mallorca for 22 years. It started with her visiting a relative in the 90’s and she immediately fell in love with the island.

-Back then it was considerably more difficult to move abroad. Now that Spain is a part of the EU, it is so much easier to move here. Much has changed since then.

Barbara has two daughters, one who lives in Stockholm and one who lives in Mallorca. Both were born in Sweden, but the family moved to Mallorca when the children were small.

-People thought we were crazy when we decided to move overseas with kids, but I have never regretted it. On the contrary, I am so happy I did, says Barbara and helps her granddaughter get in the stroller.


The living room is bright and airy. The sofa is full of cushions Barbara made herself.


The white and modern kitchen is located next to the living room on the ground floor.


The guest bedroom goes in white and pink. When Elsa sleeps over this is her room as well.


Elsa’s corner.


Every room has it’s own special theme.

An afternoon stroll down to the bay in Portals Nous awaits. Before Barbara opens the door out to the small street, she turns around and says with a smile;

-I am thankful every day for living here.

Beach close to Portals Nous

One of the many beaches in the Portals area.


Barbara and Elsa only has a short walk to this lovely beach where Elsa likes to play.


The magnificent view close to Hotel Bendinat.

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  • samantha keig 7 years ago Reply

    What a beautiful story, we have been looking for property in Portal Nous for a couple of years, but unfortunately our budget just isn’t quiet big enough. we just missed out on an apartment in the Las Caronas block as we were due to view it on the 22nd September but unfortunately it was sold the week end before we flew out. Barbara’s story has given me the incentive to carry on our search and maybe one day we will have a beautiful garden just like Barbara’s. Thank you for sharing.

    wpadmin 7 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much Samantha! If you want us to help you in your search please send an email to info@buyahomemallorca.com. We would love to help you. Take care!

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